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Fast cash when you need it

New members can request Floats up to $50 at no cost and receive funds within 3 days. Approval not guaranteed. Need it faster? We can expedite within minutes for a small fee.

Fee varies from $3-$7.

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Gas, Food, Life

Cover small emergencies without fear of credit checks or late fees.

Overdraft Risk Alerts

Reduce the risk of overdraft fees from happening.

Never Overborrow

We don’t believe in advancing anyone more than they can easily repay.

Strong Security

FloatMe uses Plaid to securely connect your bank accounts.

Have a clear outlook on your upcoming week

Get a smart look ahead with Financial Forecast - a tool that calculates your likely available balance based on your recurring and routine expenses and your projected pay dates.

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Manage your finances and gain clarity with insights

Get a detailed understanding on how your money is spent, what transactions are recurring, and which are most frequent.

Coming soon - see your cash runway, potential savings rate, and more!

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Exclusive member only opportunities

Find recommendations from our growing list of partners to either help you save or make money.

40+ Partners

Growing list of partners with your best financial interests in mind.

Over $300M

Saved to our members by avoiding fees and benefiting through our partners.

Become a FloatMe member today for $3.99/month

Join other Americans like you who trust FloatMe to get, manage, and save money today.

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