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Connect your bank from over 10,000 institutions

FloatMe uses Plaid to securely connect your bank accounts with 256-bit bank level security to keep you safe and secure. FloatMe is the best friend your bank never had.

Stay Afloat

Need a little extra cash to cover surprise expenses?

FloatMe helps you cover those unexpected bills or every day essentials with an instant cash advance up to $50. No interest. No credit check.

Spend Less

Get to know your money with spending insights

The first step to improving your finances is to see exactly where you're spending. With FloatMe, you'll get fantastic insights that will give you an easy-to-understand snapshot.

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We're on a mission to advance financial prosperity for everyone

We believe people need the products and features that enable them to be great financial champions. To deliver on this mission, we need fearless team members who care about doing good and impacting the lives of 150M Americans living paycheck to paycheck.