Celebrating Black History Month - Meet Kamilah Dotson

Meet FloatMe's very own, Kamilah Dotson!

Bempa Ashia
February 17, 2022

Born and raised in the great city of Cleveland, Kamilah is a makeup lover, founder of KCD Cosmetics (kcdcosmetics.com), a startup enthusiast, and a People Operations Associate here at FloatMe. She has made it her personal mission to elevate her community through the startup world!

When it comes to understanding the role of Black History Month, there is so much to explore, understand, and appreciate. That’s why we turned to our incredible team member, Kamilah, to learn about what celebrating Black History means to her.

FM: What does Black History Month mean to you?

KD: Black History Month is a great time for us to really focus on pieces of our history that have not been taught to us in mainstream media and schools in the past. It’s a great time to dig deeper into our history and culture and the impact it has on this country.

FM: What do you encourage people to do for Black History Month?

KD: I encourage everyone to celebrate Black History Month intentionally and authentically. Black history is American history and should be celebrated as such, year-round. However, this month is a great time to dive deep into black history and learn things that we are not taught in school. Very important facts and people are overlooked in history books but with the internet, there is no reason we all cannot learn more about our history and the people that paved the way for us to be here.

FM: What are some activities you’d suggest people to follow up with in regards to Black History Month?

KD: I would say one of the best activities to do during this month would be to Buy Black. It is very easy to find black-owned businesses these days, it's usually posted on their websites and social media pages. Black businesses need consistent customers and support. As you try products from Black-owned businesses, hopefully, you find products that you like and will incorporate into your daily routines and will buy them year-round.

FM: Lastly, what’s one of your favorite inventions by a Black person? Why?

KD: My favorite invention is the Permanent Wave Machine by Marjorie Stewart Joyner, she also worked very closely with Madame CJ Walker. Marjorie Stewart Joyner is a very important figure in the cosmetology industry. I enjoy learning about the significant contributions black people have made to an industry that is so important to me, as a beauty lover.

We thank Kamilah for providing us with some of her insights and perspectives when it comes to celebrating Black History Month!

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